Working at Height

Visual tagging solutions including scaffolding, mobile towers, ladders, steps & stools, harnesses.

Lockout Tagout Scafftag
Scafftag® is the world leading scaffold status tagging system to help prevent working at height hazards and efficiently manage inspection procedures. A Scafftag® helps you to comply with legislative requirements and good practices of; Inspecting and maintaining equipment at suitable periods as deemed appropriate by a risk assessment and ensuring employees are informed if equipment is not safe to use.
Lockout Tagout Towertag
Mobile Towers
Towertag® enables companies that use mobile towers to display latest inspection, maintenance and identification information at the point of use. The Towertag® system uses a unique holder and insert system to ensure the latest status is instantly visible at the point of use. Towers are designed to move - The Towertag® insert allows specific information on the movement of each tower scaffold and maximum safe working loads to be clearly displayed at the point of use.
Lockout Tagout Laddertag
Laddertag® is a robust and highly visible, displaying information relating to a ladders class, inspection period and inspections due as well as a handy, quick reference ladder inspection checklist. It is for this reason that it has been adopted by thousands of leading ISO9000 companies worldwide.
Lockout Tagout Tool tag
Steps & Stools
Microtag® and Nanotag™ are the recommended visual tags for Steps and Stools to clearly inform of the latest inspection status.
Lockout Tagout Harness Tag
Our Harness tagging systems; Microtag® and Nanotag™ are designed to fit applications and client preferences. Both offer the user information such as unique reference number, record of past inspections and any inspection due. Harnesses and landyards must be individually tagged. A choice of different colour inserts provide the option of additional visual qualification.
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