Efficient daily excavator inspections

The Excavator Tag increases daily equipment inspection efficiency and visibility while also improving equipment safety and compliance.

Increase inspection efficiency

The Excavator Tag includes best practice steps for efficient daily pre-use excavator inspections. The tag comprises a practical holder and writable insert system that can easily be attached to excavators by either rivet, cable tie or epoxy resin. Both holder and insert are customisable to suit specific needs such as company policy requirements.

Better equipment safety

Users will be able to add the date of their inspection and their signature on the tag's insert attached to the equipment. If the equipment does not pass the daily check, the insert must be removed, which leaves a clear 'do not use'-icon and 'inspection required'-message on the empty holder. This should caution colleagues not to use the equipment and inform their supervisor. The tag is available in any language to optimise equipment safety communication.

Improved legal compliance

European Directive 2009/104/EC states that employers must make the necessary arrangements to ensure the safety and health of workers. This includes regular periodical equipment inspection by a competent person and documented inspection records. The best practice inspection steps on the tag's insert, combined with dates and signatures, offer the required records to demonstrate compliance with the directive.

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